How to Maintain the Cleanliness of Your Bedsheets & Carpet 

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Maintain the cleanliness of your carpet is important. Since it’s installed on your floor to reduce noise and risk of slip and fall, you have to make sure that its quality is as good as new. Applying proper cleaning technique will make the carpet to last long. In this blog, we will show you how to keep your carpet fresh and clean for many years.  

Vacuum the Carpet Daily 

Every day, the carpet accumulates dirt and dust. Just imagine how those dirt piles up for a few days of not vacuuming it. Daily vacuum is important to remove the accumulated dirt from foot traffic. However, there are vacuuming techniques that you should do especially that there are different carpet materials. For example, carpets like Saxony pile and textured pile can be cleaned through deep cleaning methods. But carpets like Berbers should be cleaned with a vacuum suction only because of its delicate materials.  

Treat the Stains Immediately 

Once you see spills and stains on your bedsheets & carpet, act right away. These stains could penetrate the deep layers of the fibers if dried up. Blot the spills and never rub them, because rubbing might help the stain to set on the fiber. When blotting the stain, use white paper towels only so there would be no color transference. After blotting the stain, vacuum the carpet once it dries. The moisture left on the carpet might pave way for molds to grow.  

Use the Proper Stain Removal Method 

Not all stains are the same. There are stains that can be easily removed, but there are those that are stubborn. Different stain removal methods are used to treat different stains, so you should assess the type of stain you have in your carpet. For example, if you have grease stain, cornstarch is best to use. Club soda is best used for stubborn stains like red wine and coffee. Most of the time, a mixture of dishwashing soap and warm water is used to treat spots and stains. Just make sure that if you use your own mixture, you mix the ingredients properly.  As for the bedsheets, make sure to laundry them righ away with the proper detergent. You can also opt to pick the right bedsheets for your needs so as not to occupy so much time in cleaning it. Fabrics such as bamboo sheets will be of good use in situations where it would be prone for dirt - thus you may look for bamboo bedsheets here. They are known to reduce bad odor and be less prone to dirt.

Deodorize the Carpet/Put fabric conditioner on your bedsheets 

Once the stain is treated, you now have to worry about the odor that would come off from the carpet, especially the pest stains. The good thing is that, you can make your own deodorize so your carpet won’t have to suffer from the chemical ones. The ingredients that you need are essential oil and baking soda. Look for a great carpet deodorizer recipe.  

Schedule Deep Cleaning 

Regular vacuum is necessary, but it’s not enough. There are deep dirt and dust that cannot be removed by vacuum, so deep cleaning would be the best option. Schedule a maintenance cleaning with air conditioning companies at least twice a year. You would even surprise yourself on how much dirt they are going to get from your carpet. One of the best methods that professional use is steam cleaning, which is cost-friendly and good for your carpet, so we recommend that you try that one out.  

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Why Do You Have to Hire a Limo for Airport Pick-up?  

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Hiring a limousine for airport drop and pick-up gives you the comfort you deserve. If you’re a businessman or a corporate traveller, time is important so a faster way to travel to a business conference is greatly appreciated. However, you shouldn’t worry too much because there are a lot of limousine services that will take you to wherever you have to be. Hiring a limousine is almost the same as hiring a waterloo party bus, for comfort and luxury. Why is there a need to hire a limo instead of riding a normal vehicle? These are the reasons why.

You Can Save a Lot of Money  

Imagine this, when you drive on your own using a car rental, you have to pay for the fees like rental fees and parking fees. There’s also a chance that you’ll get lost because you’re a stranger in the area and doesn’t know the streets. The result of this, you’re going to pay double for the gasoline. But when you hire a limousine service, you don’t have to worry about those things. What you have to do is prepare for the business conference and the limousine service will do the rest. You just have to pay one time then you’re good to do.  

The Travel is Productive  

Time is gold, and for business it connotes money from whatever investments you’re expecting. If you drive yourself to the airport for a couple miles, time is wasted especially if you’re a very busy person. When you hire a limousine service, you have the luxury of making calls or text messages or do some unfinished job while you travel. Hiring a limousine service will give you so much time to do other tasks than driving yourself to the airport. You are productive if you don’t spend time driving on your own.  

The Travel is Efficient  

Have you ever experienced arriving late in the airport? What’s the worst that could happen? Miss your flight, yes. This is because a lot of things might have happened while on your way. Your car might have malfunctioned or you got stuck in traffic. Hiring a limousine service gives you the luxury of arriving right on time. When you hire one, they will track your flight so whatever happens they can make necessary adjustments so you can arrive at the airport on time. Thus, a limousine service makes your travel efficient.   

Another reason why a limousine service is efficient is because the drivers are dedicated and are willing to make adjustments so as to make your transport comfortable. The drivers are aware how the traffic works in the area, especially if you are a traveller and is not familiar with the place. Despite a limousine being a large vehicle, drivers know how to maneuver in the streets. They will make you feel safe and secure while going to the airport.   

You can benefit a lot from hiring a limousine service. From the productivity, efficiency and money saving benefits, you won’t regret the time you booked their service.  

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Tips on Cleaning and Maintaining your Kitchen and Bathroom Sink

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Sinks are one of the most useful components of our home; this is where we perform most of our grooming and also some hygienic practices like washing our hands and brushing our teeth. Because of this fact, we need to always keep our sink clean, lest it becomes dirty and would not be suitable for its purpose. Also, like any other thing, the quality of our sinks depreciates through time and much use.   

You need not worry though because you can do some things to prolong its life. To help you in this task, here is a list of tips on cleaning and maintaining your kitchen and bathroom sink. 

1. Scrub the Dirt

Most people don’t clean their sink because they think that the flow of water and the soap they use is enough to clean it. This thinking is wrong though, to thoroughly clean your sink, you need to scrub it sometimes. Overtime, soap scum deposits, rust, food stains, and other substances would accumulate and would take out the luster of your sink. Prevent this from happening by scrubbing it once in a while, thrice in a week is enough. 

2. Keep the Luster

Aside from cleaning it, it is also important to keep the color and shine of our sink. To do this in a white sink, get enough towels to cover all of the surfaces and then soak those towels in bleach. Lay the damp towels in the sink and let them be for about twenty to thirty minutes. 

If you have colored sink, do the same procedure but replace the bleach because it will fade the color away. Replace the bleach by using baking soda, vinegar, or a liquid detergent (mild) instead. 

3. Prevent/Fix Clogs

Clogging happens when there is something that is obstructing the pathway of the drainage from your sink. To prevent this, avoid putting anything in your sink that might cause clogging like hairs, food leftovers, soap bars and more.  

Clogging also happens when there is an accumulation of sediments underneath your sink. To clear it away, mix ¼ cup of tartar cream, 1 cup of baking soda and salt and place this mixture in an airtight container. Use this mixture every two or three weeks to clear away any accumulation of sediments.  

If, however, your sink have been already clogged and you don’t know how to fix it. Better call professionals like plumbing Kitchener ON and let them solve the problem and avoid further damage by trying it to fix on your own. 

4. Protection from Stains and Scratches

Another problem that our sink often encounters is stains and scratches. To prevent stain, avoid putting acidic food on your sink, or at least don’t let it linger there for long. Acidic foods and substances can come in the form of fruits, salad dressing, vinegar and much more. To prevent scratches, use a perforated plastic mat in the bottom of your sink, so your dishes would not directly impact the sink and cause scratches. 

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